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June 23
by Tammy Guinan
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Summer Swim Has Begun

I have finally broken down and become an official. I’m a little nervous about that, but I think after a few meets I will get the hang of it. Our 9 year old has decided that swimming wasn’t her thing for this summer and was asked to join the competitive gymnastics team, so that is how she is spending her summer. Our 12 year old is trying a new coach, a new team and a new pool with the hopes of finding the competition she needs and the fun she desires! Continue reading


February 1
by Tammy Guinan
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Social Event or Sporting Event

I was so happy that my younger swimmer did so amazing, we talked about it the whole way home and it made the drive not so bad! She is one amazing athlete! She got to bring home a couple heat winner ribbons and even won a ribbon for placing in one of her events! She gets so excited over the awards, even just the heat winner ribbons, that it keeps her going for weeks and keeps her coming back to the pool for more. She will give you 110% – 110% of the time. Continue reading